Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona!
Vote Ruth McClung!

My campaign has tried its best to stay positive with ideas and solutions instead of negative rhetoric. However, we think what Grijalva is doing to our state by calling for an economical boycott is inexcusable.

So my campaign is taking a little different direction and starting a new slogan along with the "maybe it does take a Rocket scientist" for the campaign: Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona. Vote Ruth McClung!

by the way Rep. Grijalva


Ruth McClung is 4 Arizona,
Rep. Grijalva isn't!

a blog by
Ruth McClung

The 10th Amendment reserves for our state the right to govern as we see fit. Our elected Legislators have every right to legislate what they deem necessary to keep Arizona safe, because our President and Congress have ignored our security. My opponent should have kept his month shut. He has done nothing to protect our border in the past. If I am elected to be your Congresswoman, I will represent the people.

I will also work hard to listen to you and make the right decisions for Arizona. I will fall short at times because I am human. But I promise to support Arizona and the people of Arizona. My website URL,, means exactly what it says: I am for Arizona!

Our new campaign slogan is getting around because many of you are sending emails to the conservative blogs and the talk radio shows. One of my supporters sent one to National Review Online, and it got picked up.

The bumper stickers "Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona. Vote Ruth McClung!" have arrived. If you want one of these bumper stickers find us on the campaign trail or send us an email.

As you know it is going to take quite a bit of money to boycott or beat Grijalva, so we are going to do a campaign gimmick. We ordered 1000 bumpers stickers and if people would donate $10 per sticker, the campaign will raise $10,000. Since it is your money that bought the bumper stickers in the first place, they are free, but those of you that can give, it will be used to beat my opponent.




Ruth McClung was interviewed last Saturday 5/22/2010 by KOLD channel 13. To see the video clip and read a short news article, click on

Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona

a blog by
Ruth McClung

Congressman Grijalva has shown once again that he is out of touch with his constituents in calling for a boycott of Arizona. If he were in touch with his district, he would understand how much Arizona is hurting financially. He would know that many of the people he "represents" are unemployed. Yuma County has more than 1 in 5 out of work. If he would listen to his constituents he would hear how much they are struggling economically. As their Representative, he has no right to demand a boycott that will hurt the people of District 7. He is supposed to be on Arizona's side!

I firmly believe that a Representative should look out for the best interests of his or her constituents. I believe a Congressman should speak out if he believes a bill is bad for his state. However, instead of just attacking the bill, Congressman Grijalva has decided to attack the people of Arizona as well. When teachers are being let go, and police and firefighters are taking pay cuts, our Representative is asking businesses to boycott Arizona. His attack uses the people of Arizona and their economic well being as political pawns.

I have heard your stories about the tough economics that we are facing. I have driven down our streets to see familiar stores disappearing into empty store fronts. I have watched with you as our community loses teachers and State Parks. Like you, I understand first hand the ramifications of the reckless spending of our former governor and the job killing legislation that Washington is placing on us. I know that we need solutions that bring money and power back to the local level. I will be a Representative that stands up for the people of Arizona!




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