On Friday, March 19, Ruth McClung took a public stand against the healthcare bill

posted 3/20/2010

With the healthcare vote only days away, Ruth McClung, Republican candidate for Congress (District 7) urged all concerned citizens to insist Congressman Raul Grijalva vote "NO" on the healthcare bill. At that point Grijalva was officially undecided about the health reform legislation that is scheduled to come to a vote on Sunday. The paper has since said Grijalva is voting yes against the will of his constitutents on this Socialistic bill. (See End run by Dems is a travesty in the Arizona Republic for how Grijalva, Giffords, and the other Arizona Representatives are voting on this bill - and don't stop presenting your opinion to them on this bill.)

When asked about the healthcare bill, Ruth stated, "It only empowers the government and takes health decisions out of the hands of the people and their physicians."

On Friday, March 19, at 1 pm, Ruth McClung took a public stand against the massive healthcare takeover and hand delivered her "VOTE NO" letter to Rep. Raul Grijalva's office on 810 E. 22nd St. She was joined by dozens of other people who stood peacefully outside protesting, and some of whom added their voice to Ruth's by delivering their own letters. McClung hopes that the letters and the demonstration will cause the incumbent to listen to his constituents and stand up for their desires.

The Democrats are not following the rule of law in how they are trying to pass this unpopular Healthcare bill, but McClung and the others followed the law of common decency, being polite and orderly in delivering their letters to Grijalva's office staff and in their protest outside.

After delivering her letter, Ruth and several volunteers distributed her literature in the neighborhood Northeast of Grijalva's office. Ruth's desire is to bring power back to the people instead of giving more and more of it to the government.

Ruth is fighting with us as we fight for our liberty!



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