Why Santa Claus is a Republican. The power of the individual.

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Ruth McClung (speech)
December 25, 2009

There is no doubt that Santa Claus is a well loved figure of Christmas. Parades are centered around him. Songs are sung on the radio about how he is "coming to town." Picture books are read about him. He is known to put smiles on faces of both the young and old. And why not, Santa Claus brings presents to good girls and boys around the world. He visits homeless shelters, hospitals, orphanages and schools, usually with candy canes or other gifts. He works with groups to get money for the poor. The totality of his generosity with money and time is staggering. Instead of spreading other peoples' wealth around, Santa believes in giving his own wealth to others. This is a republican value.

Santa does vast amounts of good, and yet there are presently some in our government who do not see Santa Claus for the great amount of good that he does. Some would instead want to ban him because he is not politically correct.

Several years back, Forbes.com had a list of the richest fictional characters. The top spot on that list went to Santa Claus. If liberal politicians were to find out about Santa Claus's great wealth, they would try to find a way to tax it away. Certain politicians have forgotten about the power of the individual. Some politicians would even have the gall to think that they could do more good with Santa's money than Santa does.

It would be a sad day indeed if the policies that are being pushed on the American people by the liberals were imposed on Santa Claus. The ramifications to this would be enormous.

First, children around the world would wake up Christmas morning to find no presents. Even Santa's lumps of coal would be gone because of the high cost imposed by "Cap and Trade."

Second, unemployment at the North Pole would skyrocket. Elves everywhere would be out of work because Santa could no longer pay them. Sure, the North Pole politicians would claim they could re-create the jobs, but with the many mandates and regulations put on the elves, toy production would come to a near standstill. The cold North Pole winters and the high cost of heating, also caused by "Cap and Trade," would be an extra burden to the elves.

Third, Santa could not afford to fly around the world bringing Christmas cheer. Democratic politicians would gladly promise gifts. Then they would pay for the presents "at twice the cost" with other people's money, and not provide what people really want. Our politicians visiting homeless shelters, hospitals, orphanages, and schools would not do nearly the quality and quantity of work that Santa gets done. This is because Santa does one year of useful work in one night, while our present government has not done much in the way usefulness in months.

Republicans believe that individuals, like Santa, can do more good for the world voluntarily, than if they are forced to do it by political coercion. Our country was founded on the independence and self-reliance of the people, not dependence upon the government. Yet, it seems our current government has forgotten the strength of the individual, and is determined to take the power out of the peoples' hands.

One more thought on the power of the individual. In the trenches during World War I in the years 1914 and 1915, some would say a Christmas miracle happened - called a Christmas truce. On these Christmases, the Allies' side and the Central Powers' side both quit fighting. Christmas carols like Silent Night could be heard being sung from the trenches on either side. In many cases the soldiers would leave the safety of their trenches and meet in "no man's land." Some even would walk up to the opposite side's trench and give gifts to their enemy like chocolate or wine. Football games would be played with members of both sides. One such football game was played on Christmas Day, 1914, between the Royal Welsh and the German Panzergrenadier Battalion 371. The Germans won, 2-1. The football used was signed by all he players and is displayed in a Museum in Dresden, Germany.

Peace was found in the trenches of World War I, not through governments mandating it, but through individuals focusing on the true meaning of Christmas - the Prince of Peace. (Regardless of political affiliation, may we never be too politically correct that we forget the real meaning of Christmas!)

When it comes to the power of Santa...well you can make your own decision. When it comes to the power of individuals, "I believe."




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