Healthcare passed the Senate on Christmas Eve

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Ruth McClung
December 24, 2009

As I write this newsletter, the Democrats are celebrating their lump of coal to the American people. What doesn't make sense to me is how they think this healthcare bill is a gift, and they do not seem to know exactly what is in it. What we do know about the bill - it will increase our taxes right away, and then will increase our nation's debt by trillions, as the control of our health is put in the hands of bureaucrats. If the Democrats really thought this bill was good for the people, why did they have to buy votes to pass it? Let us not forget it is a Democratic bill. All the Senate Republicans stood against it.

Even though the Senate finally passed a healthcare bill, we succeeded in slowing down its passage for months. It also kept them from passing other legislation such as Cap and Trade. We the people are making a difference!

When the Congress gets back in session, they will need to take the two bills and merge them into one in a conference committee (or in a Obama/Pelosi/Reed smoke filled room). We still can stop this government take-over of our freedom. Here is a Heritage Foundation article on a comparison and the differences of the House and Senate bills:

Yes we can take this country back in 2010 if we will vote for conservatives!




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