On the anniversary of the
Berlin Wall being torn down

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Ruth McClung
November 9, 2009

Before dawn on August 13, 1961, a wall appeared between communist East Germany and the democratic West. It was erected to stop the flow of people seeking freedom. This wall became known as the Berlin Wall and was a symbol of the oppressiveness of the communist empire.

In June 1963, President Kennedy made it clear that America stood with Germany and its fight for freedom when he said in German, "I am a Berliner." Twenty four years later another American president made a more forceful statement for freedom. President Reagan spoke those fateful words, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

Starting in 1989, signs of liberty began to blossom. Governments in the communist empire began to crumble. People began to take to the streets in protest. In May, Hungary began to open up its borders with Austria. On November 9, 1989, Germany was opened up and the Berlin Wall was torn down. People began to help each other over the wall while others began to tear apart the cold oppressive symbol. Liberty and freedom had triumphed! The Berlin Wall is not just a symbol of the Cold War - its rubble stands as a symbol of how liberty can overcome tyranny.

May we always have leaders in America that are willing to stand up for freedom, and tear down the walls of tyranny.




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