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Ruth McClung
September 21, 2009

Obama is being shortsighted concerning missile defense

President Obama's new missile defense architecture that he announced last Thursday is short sighted. The President canceled what the Congressional Budget Office called the best in a series of realistic alternatives for protecting our troops, our international partners, and our homeland. Instead he traded this capability for a new architecture which is aimed only at countering the current short to medium range Iranian threat. In other words, he is putting our money where the immediate threat is, and not covering the future long range threats. He has taken his eye off the fact that Iran and North Korea are still developing long range nuclear tipped missiles, and countering these future threats requires time to develop and deploy.

The President has also turned his back on two close allies, the Czech Republic and Poland, in order to appease both Russia and the Left in our country. We have an obligation to our allies, and he is reneging on commitments we have made to them, some of which go back to the Clinton Administration. This is wrong!

Finally the President is trading our national security for funding things like Cash for Clunkers, ACORN-like organizations, National Endowment for the Arts, Obamacare and other Socialistic programs. The sobering fact is, one well placed nuclear bomb can potentially kill millions of people, cripple our economy beyond repair for decades, and possibly even throw our country back into a 19th century (or third world) life style. President Obama is being shortsighted!

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