A Streetcar Named "Expensive"

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Ruth McClung
September 9, 2010

For those of you that live in Tucson, you can be outraged by what is going on in your city. For those of you who do not live in Tucson, you should be outraged as well because some of your federal tax money is going to this albatross.

The city of Tucson is paying $196 million dollars for a streetcar that travels only 3.9 miles. Streetcars, like the horse and buggy, have been replaced with far more practical modes of transportation. In most cases, cars and busses have replaced the streetcar, but in more congested areas the modern versions are subways. They have tried to jazz it up by calling it a "modern" streetcar, but it still runs on electricity, messes up traffic, and goes "ding ding."

For a tiny fraction of the $196 million dollars that is being spent on the streetcar that goes only 3.9 miles, we could have put in a bike path that was shaded and misted by harvested rain water.

This is a prime example of government waste! As of now, $69 million dollars has come from the federal budget. The city of Tucson is now trying to get another $26 million in federal money, and they are asking our soon-to-be unemployed congressman Grijalva to supply them the money with an earmark. No matter where you live, this wasteful spending needs to stop. It is time to hold ALL of our government officials accountable.

My question to Representative Grijalva is, "With more than 500 thousand Arizonans jobless or underemployed and the national debt $13.4 trillion, wouldn't it be better to save the multi-millions, let people keep more of their hard earned money, and encourage people to invest in small businesses so we can get the economy rolling again?"




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