Grijalva's boycott will have lasting effects in Arizona!

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Ruth McClung
August 2, 2010

April, Rep. Grijalva called for economic sanctions against Arizona. Last week he attempted to call off the boycott after Judge Bolton's ruling tossed out much of SB1070. But the trouble is, Representatives have power and that power can lead to negative consequences. Grijalva's boycott has greatly hurt Arizona economically - probably for years. Rep. Grijalva calling off the insane boycott won't change the damage. He should have been thinking of the people of his state to begin with! Kristin Jarnagin, Vice President of the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association said, "Arizona has lost about 40 meetings that would have drawn out-of-state business, and that has cost hotels about $12 million."

Instead of spending resources in securing Arizona's border, the Obama administration spends resources in a lawsuit to stop us from securing our border. It doesn't make sense to me, but not much our government is doing now makes sense. SB 1070 simply enforces existing federal law, and continually refers back to federal law, protecting all the citizens of Arizona, as well as protecting our guests, legal or illegal.

Rep. Grijalva and the President need to realize that there is a major narcowar being fought less than 100 miles south of us and battles occur within Arizona! Cartels and smugglers abuse people they smuggle! Families die in the desert or sealed in vehicles where they are packed like sardines! Coyotes steal families' life savings, rape women and kids, sell them into sexual slavery, or murder them in the desert! More people are kidnapped in Phoenix than anywhere else in the world, except Mexico City! Cartels smuggle drugs, terrorists, and components for weapons of mass destruction across our border! Drug gangs torture and kill victims in our own neighborhoods! Where is my opponent's outrage at these social injustices and civil rights violations?

The Federal government needs to wake up and realize illegal immigration is an economic drain on our state as well as on our nation. It is unsustainable. SB1070 may not be perfect, but our Legislature and Governor are working to protect Arizona and deserve help and praise, not economic sanctions and lawsuits!

President Obama and Rep. Grijalva secure our borders or get out of the way and let Arizona do it!





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