Grijalva is at it again ... Artists for Arizona?

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Ruth McClung
July 10, 2010

Grijalva's solution to the economic damage, caused by his boycott, is to call for "artists" to come to Arizona. He doesn't seem to understand what Arizona needs - is a healthy economy that produces jobs for everyone!

Though I am a rocket scientist (I actually get paid to do rocket science), I am also an artist. I have had paintings in several galleries, some furniture stores and other random places. Though my art is usually liked by most, I have sold very few paintings. Being an artist and knowing many artists, my story is not an unusual one. Most of us artists have another JOB that pays the bills.

Arizona needs jobs. We need the jobs that have been destroyed by his boycott. We need the jobs that have been hurt by the legislation that has been pushed through Washington with his blessing. We need the jobs that will be hurt if legislation such as cap-and-trade is forced upon us.

I would like to tell Mr. Grijalva, we would love more artists in Arizona. We would also love entrepreneurs, teachers, police, plumbers, electricians, bankers, accountants, engineers, scientists, etc. We want a state where people can find jobs. We want a state where there are so many jobs, employers are fighting over employees. We need a representative that understands that Arizona is a great state and will stand up for Arizona in Washington.

I will stand up for you and Arizona, not politics as usual! Please vote for me, Ruth McClung, in the primary on August 24.

Maybe it does take a rocket scientist who is an artist too!





Ruth McClung for US Congress Arizona CD 7



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