Save our Signs (SOS) Campaign

My signs are stirring up the opposition

an update by
Ruth McClung
May 13, 2010

My campaign chairman in Maricopa County recounted this story. Last week this volunteer picked up several yard signs, literature and one big sign to help promote my campaign. When he got home he went out and was in the process of putting up the sign when two men walked up and told him to take the sign down. They told him that if he did not, they would do it for him. They also stated something like, "Every time Grijalva is up for re-election we do this" and they had no qualms about stating this. They were very intimidating towards the volunteer, who is a big man. And let me point out that the sign was being put on the easement part of the volunteer's property.

To be honest we didn't think things would get heated up so quickly. I am not formally running against Grijalva as yet. Last week I wrote a funny Save our Signs blog, but this isn't funny. Take a friend with you when you put up my signs. Sorry things are like this! But we will change them.



Save our Signs

a blog by
Ruth McClung
May 2, 2010

There is a funny thing that happens in district 7 when anyone runs against my opponent Grijalva. In fact, it is one of the only non-partisan things that appears to coincide with my opponent. It happens to Democrats and Republicans alike. It is a mass effort to steal all the signs of anyone who runs against Grijalva. We have even had people come up to volunteers and brazenly tell them that all of my signs will be stolen.

Placing political signs out is a way for someone to exercise their first amendment right. It is also part of the United States political process. As a candidate, those signs cost roughly three dollars for the little signs, and much more for the big ones. Stealing those signs is stealing from all the people who have graciously donated money to my campaign. I think it is time that we in district 7 collectively say enough to this sign thievery.

We are starting the Save Our Signs crusade. Please join me in this fight. Help me put our signs everywhere. Place them in visible spots, preferably in a hard to steal place...Help us show Grijalva's people that we will not stand for their dirty political tricks.

The next step in the Save Our Signs crusade will utilize technology. We are going to show Grijalva's supporters what it means to run against a rocket scientist and her friends and family. More will come on this part of the campaign later. If any of you have ideas, please share and we will spread the word.

Together, let's win a big battle in the name of our first amendment right. Help Save Our Signs!

I ordered 500 more yard signs because our last 500 are gone! If you want a sign email Ruth's campaign at: Thank you Barb and others in Maricopa Co. they are covering the area with Ruth's signs.





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