Is America becoming like Greece?

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Ruth McClung
May 20, 2010

Over two hundred years ago, our founding fathers created a system of government that had never been seen before. This government was founded on values, but it was also created by looking at what was successful and what was a failure in other countries. They were careful not to recreate the problems. They learned from others mistakes.

Once again, as a country we are able to learn from other countries' mistakes. Rampant spending and unsustainable entitlements in Europe are negatively affecting their economies. Greece has reached a breaking point, with absolutely no ability to pay its insane debt. Yet, even more than Greece's debt, what is setting their country onto a course of destruction is many people's attitude that the government owes them. It was shocking to see people rioting when told they had to sacrifice some entitlements to keep their country financially alive.

Unfortunately, the United States is on the same collision course. The current administration's budget is putting our country into debt - forty-two cents on every dollar it is spending. It is not saving for the future obligations such as Social Security. Instead of pushing policies which help grow private sector jobs, it is passing legislation that will destroy them. However, it is not too late to stop the collision course! We voters need to demand that our government stop the spending, balance the budget, and start to pay off the debt. It is said that a wise man learns from another's mistakes. We need to learn from Greece's mistake. We need to realize the American dream is to be self reliant and work to achieve the life that we want, not live off the government.

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