How much will the 2010 Congress need to de-fund?

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Ruth McClung
April 6, 2010

In January 2011, if I am elected to Congress, I plan on pushing to withdraw funding from at least two things. First, we need to de-fund, and then repeal, the unconstitutional Obamacare legislation that the Democrats in Congress passed a little over a week ago. This legislation will bankrupt our country and ruin our healthcare system!

Second, we need to de-fund the Environmental Protection Agency! Why? Because President Obama thinks he can repeal the laws of physics by using the EPA to push environmental mandates on us because he cannot get his Cap and Trade through the Congress. He is using the EPA to mandate 40% higher fuel efficiency standards on our automobiles. Now I like high gas mileage. I drive a Honda Civic. But in reality his fuel efficiency standards will outlaw light trucks and SUVs, and again harm jobs and regulate our liberty.





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