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Ruth McClung
March 24, 2010

I found myself Sunday extremely angry, as I watched many of our freedoms being voted away. The people were completely ignored as our "representatives" voted against our wishes and blatantly disregarded our Constitution. They voted to take away our freedom by enslaving us to oppressive taxation. They voted to invade our privacy, and take health decisions out of our hands and those of our physicians. They voted to end the medical research and technical advances that America has excelled in. They voted to punish doctors and patients with thousands of pages of bureaucracy while rewarding tort lawyers with a wide open door for siphoning money. They voted to fund an assault on the unborn. They voted to send our country spiraling even more quickly into the depths of a financial breakdown.

What saddens me is, real health care reform in America is now at a stand still, and will be for years - as the politicians who truly represent us in Washington battle to repeal a nightmare instead of spending the time legislating real health care solutions.

A vote for me is a vote to de-fund and repeal the massive health care takeover, and to send Madam Speaker off the hill!




Ruth's statement about the health care bill at Grijalva's office - on March 19 (Video)

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