Ruth McClung vs Raul Grijalva
- contrasting their philosophies -

Representative Grijalva finally said something I can agree with:

"We're not just running against a Republican in our district, we're running against a philosophy."

He is right! This is a race between two opposing philosophies: Grijalva's "progressive" left wing philosophy, and my philosophy built on conservative values.

             - Ruth

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Following are more details on the items listed on the above card, and some other items not listed on the card:

Career Background

  • Ruth McClung is a physicist in the private sector
    • Ruth worked as a lifeguard in high school; she worked her way through college in a fast food restaurant and as an engineering intern; she currently works for a local engineering company. (see Ruth's bio)
  • Raul Grijalva is a career politician
    • For the last 35 years, Raul has been a career politician. He began his career as a community organizer, progressed to the Tucson Unified School District School Board and to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, and in 2002 was elected to Congress. (see this article or his bio)

Arizona's prosperity

Jobs & the Economy


Parental involvement in education

  • Ruth McClung supports the rights of parents to be involved in their kid's education
  • Raul Grijalva voted against House Resolution 547 expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit deplorably infringed on parental rights in Fields v. Palmdale School District




  • Ruth McClung believes with Abraham Lincoln in a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." And she agrees with a quotation often attributed to Thomas Jefferson: "A government big enough to supply you with everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." Ruth believes the people should control the government, not the government the people. Therefore the seat of most government should be at the state and local level where the people are, not a powerful federal government controlled by a few elite.
  • Raul Grijalva Co-Chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus demonstrating his belief in a powerful federal government which continues to grow, taking power away from the people and putting it in the control of a few elite in Washington.

Second Amendment Rights

  • Ruth McClung is firm in her conviction that the Constitution protects our right to own and carry firearms.
  • Raul Grijalva consistently votes against Second Amendment rights
    • Co-Sponsored HR 1022 Assault Weapons Ban
    • Voted No on HR 1036 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act that would prohibit lawsuits to be filed against gun manufacturers or sellers, or ammunition manufacturers or sellers based on the criminal or unlawful misuse of the products.
    • Voted NO on S 397 Firearms Manufacturers Protection Bill that provides liability protection for manufacturers, dealers or importers of firearms or ammunition products, as well as their trade associations, for harm caused by criminal or unlawful misuse.
    • Voted No on H AMDT 1156 Trigger Lock Amendment to prevents funds in the Commerce Department FY2007 Appropriation bill from being used to enforce a law requiring guns be sold with locks on guns.
    • Voted NO on HR 5092 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a bill that amends the federal criminal code regarding firearms and explosives, changes the civil penalties for violating firearm regulations and directs the Attorney General to establish guidelines for investigations.
    • Voted NO on HR 6842 a bill that repeals regulations relating to the possession and sale of firearms in Washington, D.C., so as to comply with the requirements of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of The District of Columbia v. Heller.
    • Voted NO on HR 5827 Exempting Guns from an Estate for Bankruptcy Purposes that authorizes a debtor in bankruptcy to exempt from the property of his or her estate the aggregate interest in a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or any combination thereof, provided that the value does not exceed $3,000.

National Security

  • Ruth McClung believes we still live in a very dangerous world. Terrorism has not gone away since 9/11, and terrorist groups still want to attack and kill Americans. Powerful dictators still want to control more and more people. The best way to have peace in this world is to be stronger than our enemies, not to try to appease them. Ruth works in the defense industry and as a physicist understands defense technology.
  • Raul Grijalva has consistently voted to strip our national defense.
    • Grijalva "...has voted for legislation to cut funding for expensive and unnecessary weapons systems and costly and ineffective missile defense programs...." from an endorsement from the liberal organization, Council for a Liveable World
    • Grijalva voted against H Res 861 "honoring all Americans who have played an active role in the 'Global War on Terror,' stating that it is not in the security interest of the U.S. to set an arbitrary date for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and committing the U.S. to the 'completion of the mission to create a sovereign, free, secure and united Iraq.'"
    • Grijalva voted for H Amdt 197 to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo)



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