As a conservative Republican, I believe we face many immediate issues. As your congresswoman, I will:

Work to Build a Fair Economy.   Out of control government spending imprisons us with debt and results in higher taxes and increased poverty. Through this unprecedented debt we are robbing from our children and grandchildren. Government bailouts give a select few businesses an advantage, while the rest have to deal with conventional competition. I will work to build a strong free-market economy so all can have a fair chance to succeed.

Work to Ensure Prosperity for all Americans .   I support small business and the ability of any American to start his or her own business. Businesses struggle in an environment of high taxation and excessive government control. Fixing these problems leads to new and better jobs, enables Americans to succeed in the world economy and increases prosperity.

Defend our Freedom.   America was built on individual freedom. Our Constitution guarantees freedoms of religion, speech, and bearing arms.

Protect our National Security.   A strong and well-equipped military preserves and protects the life and well-being of our citizens and allies. Our borders need resources and enforcement to stop illegal entry and terrorists. Missile defense needs development and deployment to protect us from rogue nations and terrorists. Police forces need our support because they protect us.

Create Border Sanity.   We need to enforce our border laws and reduce the bureaucracy of legal immigration.

Strengthen Education.   Educational decisions should be made locally, not at the federal level. School vouchers allow parents to choose the best schools for their children and provide competition, which drives school improvement.

Promote Life and Family.   I am pro-life. Human life, from the youngest to the oldest, is of the highest value and must be defended. I support legislation that protects families. Married couples should not be penalized by our tax system. I also oppose cruel treatment of animals.

Invest in Science and Technology.   Tapping our own energy resources is crucial. In a free market science and technology help defend our country, cure diseases, and provide a better quality of life for everyone. We need to explore science-based solutions for our future energy needs. I will utilize both the knowledge of others and my own scientific expertise to engineer solutions instead of using pseudo-science to push an agenda and create new problems.

Improve our Healthcare System.   People should receive the same health insurance tax deductions that companies do. Providing health savings account tax incentives, allowing out-of-state purchases of health insurance, and enacting tort reform to prevent wasteful and unjust law suits, will increase accessibility and affordability of America's quality health care to all.

Please utilize this website to learn more about my solutions to these issues and thank you for your interest. May God Bless you and may God Bless America.




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