Why I am voting for Ruth McClung

August 2, 2010

The first thing I bet you are asking is: "who are you?" Well, that's an easy one for me! I am Christina Cruz, a native Tucsonan, actually, a native CD7 resident who was born and is now living less then 3 miles from my childhood home. Not only am I native, but I have lived here all of my life with the exception of a few years back in my early 20's when I was transferred out of state due to my ex-husband's military posts.

Many of you may recognize my name from News paper articles, News or Radio interviews that I have done in the past or possibly by my infamous nickname... "The Graffiti Queen." No, I do not tag. Yes I clean up graffiti in my neighborhood, faithfully every single weekend. And no, I do not get paid.

I have had the honor of serving this community through many wonderful non-profit groups over the years, and just recently "retired" as the President of the Midvale Park Neighborhood Association. I still work diligently and hard in my community and strived while I was President to lessen the dependence my neighborhood had on our City government through partnerships with our neighborhood business and building relationships between neighbors. While we continued to work with our City and County leaders, it did not appear healthy to me that when a community had an issue, our first course of action seemed to be to contact someone else to do something about it. There are many things that communities can do to be self reliant, through partnerships and residents working together. After living in this area for many years and being so involved with my neighbors, I have had many conversations and spent a lot of time problem solving. I feel very in tune with my community and my neighbors and that is what makes me so committed to my area. I take it personally. I don't know how not to.

I, like most of my neighbors, regardless of their party affiliation have had it up to our eyebrows with the current and even past Administrations. We want someone who is one of us in Washington to represent us. Someone who can stand up to the political rhetoric and solve real life issues that we are dealing with here in our community. I have found that regardless of an individual's stand on Arizona's recent SB1070 bill, the vast majority agree on one thing. Illegal immigration is an issue that we need to resolve, and Securing the Border is on the top of everyone's list. I have also found that it is very difficult for people to believe what they are being told by candidates in this primary - with the exception of Ruth McClung. They are listening to the Rocket Scientist. They are paying attention to the fact that she has been out campaigning and talking to people for over a year, and that she has solutions to the issues that seem reasonable to everyone. They are absorbing her positions like a sponge absorbs water and those positions are making sense to people.

They are also recognizing that she is not part of the political good ol' boy's club, and she drives a Honda Civic that she has had for 10 years. She listens to concerns, is not afraid to talk to people about the hard issues and has the background and education needed to make a difference. Even more important to the people in my community, is that she did the same thing that most of us had to do to get through college. She worked.

With Grijalva's recent betrayal of Arizona by voting for healthcare reform and even more important to the people in my area, calling for a boycott of this state which has caused loss of income right here in my neighborhood to the very people he has been elected to represent, it has been the final straw for many. I finally feel that this year, we have a true hope of unseating him in Congress.

I believe that our only chance for political success this year against Congressman Raul Grijalva is Ruth McClung. She must win the primary for us to have hope of winning come November.

Many Blessings,

Christina Cruz

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