On the campaign trail - March 2010

People from the Colorado River Tea Party meeting are witnesses for Ruth as she signs the Repeal It Pledge for the Health Care Bill.
Ruth at the Yuma Fair on April 3, where she got hundreds of petition signatures to place her on the ballot.
Ruth speaking at the Sonoita Tea Party on March 27 to about 500 people.
Ruth campaign at the Sonoita Tea Party. If you want one of Ruth's 4x3 signs, let us know.
Ruth campaign at the Palin-McCain Rally on March 26.
Ruth at the protest in front of Grijalva's office on March 19.
Ruth on March 19, as she delivers her letter against the Healthcare bill to Grijalva's office staff.
Ruth at the Santa Cruz Lincoln Day Luncheon on March 6.
These people walked with Ruth to take back the Congress in 2010.
Ruth speaking at a J D Hayworth Rally!



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